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Help your investments grow

High-yield CDs from T Bank


Each individual customer’s account is insured by the FDIC up to $250,000 per account

No market risk

Your CD’s performance isn’t tied to market variability, so there’s no risk involved

Guaranteed returns

Your money will grow at a fixed rate over the term of your CD account

Easy to open

You can apply for a CD account online in about 5 minutes


Set your Terms

Choose from a variety of terms ranging from 3 months to 5 years based on your needs


Apply for a Certificate

Apply for a Certificate of Deposit Account


Watch it Grow

Watch your savings grow and enjoy a guaranteed interest rate with your CD account

Choose the level of commitment That’s Right for your CD savings

Calculate your savings potential

See how much you can save with our different CD options

How much do you plan to start with?

How long do you plan to save?

Estimated Interest Earnings


Annual Percentage Yields (APY) are variable and effective as of 05/18/2024. CD rates are fixed upon opening the account. Early withdrawal penalties apply. The above terms are offered at this time and are subject to change.

Calculations are based on interest that is accrued daily but paid and compounded monthly through the CD term. Calculations assume 30 days per month and that monthly interest is reinvested in the CD and results in the above table are rounded to the nearest dollar. Actual earnings may vary.

Common Questions About High-Yield CDs

Are my deposit accounts FDIC insured?
The standard deposit insurance amount is $250,000 per depositor, per FDIC-insured bank, per ownership category.

You can calculate your insurance coverage using the FDIC’s online Electronic Deposit Insurance Estimator (EDIE) at

You can visit the FDIC website at for more information or call the FDIC directly at 877.ASK.FDIC (877.275.3342).

What is a CD?

A certificate of deposit (CD) is a bank account that lets you earn a fixed interest rate in exchange for locking in your deposit for a specified term. At T Bank, we offer several terms to choose from—see our CD Rates and Terms.

How do I fund my new CD?

You can add funds to your new CD from these sources:

  • Transfer from existing T Bank account
  • Transfer from a non-T Bank account – Electronic transfer (ACH) from your external bank account: You can easily set up an external account transfer during the online funding process.
  • Wire transfer – Ask you bank if there are any fees associated with this.
  • Paper check: write a check to yourself or get a cashier’s check from your current bank. (Note: you may not use a traveler’s check, money order, international bank check, or double endorsed/third-party check.)  and mail to:

T Bank

Attn: Deposit Operations

16200 Dallas Pkwy #190
Dallas, TX 75248


Please make sure to put your new T Bank account number on the check (which you will receive at the end of your account application).

When will I receive my CD renewal notice?

We will send your renewal notice after the end of the 10-day grace period for your CD.

Can I make changes to my CD?

A CD is designed to provide a guaranteed rate for the term and the amount on deposit, therefore, no changes to the CD should be made during its term. If you need to withdraw any of the CD principle, a penalty may be imposed. You may, however, withdraw interest that has been credited to your account during the current term without penalty.

Once your CD matures, there is a 10-day grace period during which you can add funds, renew the CD, put the funds in a different CD, or withdraw funds.

What happens when my CD matures?

30 days before your CD maturity date, we’ll send you a maturity notice. Once the maturity date arrives, you get a 10-day grace period, during which you can add funds, withdraw funds, or change the term. If you don’t do anything, your CD is automatically renewed. We’ll send you a renewal notice after the grace period ends.